Vaping with CBD Oil

The vaping movement is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world with an estimated 350% growth over the past two years.  While many people still vape with traditional e-liquid containing nicotine, some people opt to vape cannabis or CBD in replace of traditional nicotine e-liquid.

Vaping cannabis and liquid is becoming increasingly popular and many people who use recreational marijuana suggest that it is easier than other methods of use. Those who use CBD also say the same is true and prefer using vape pens with CBD-infused e-liquid to consume CBD over traditional methods.

Legality of Vaping CBD

Vaping cannabis is technically only legal in states where medical or recreational marijuana is legal and it is still actually illegal under federal law. However, authorities have made no effort to stop people from vaping cannabis yet.

CBD is a completely different story. Although CBD contains no THC (the active ingredient in cannabis), it is still interpreted as illegal in the United States under federal law. As of right now, 17 states have passed laws to allow CBD use to treat a variety of conditions, mostly involving children suffering from seizures.

However, despite its’ drug status, authorities have made no moves on CBD sells who are currently selling CBD-rich e-liquid. This has cast a large gray cloud over whether or not CBD should be legal since it does not contain THC. As of right now though, CBD oil is technically illegal in all but three states (WA, CO, OR) and Washington D.C, but sellers are still offering shipment to all 50 states.

Why Vape CBD?

There are several ways to consume CBD. You can consume it orally just as a supplement, add it to edibles, or vape. If you’re wondering why you would want to consider vaping CBD over other methods of consuming CBD, then consider these reasons:

It’s cheaper than consuming CBD: CBD oil is incredibly expensive in liquid or capsule form and some suppliers charge upwards of $100 for a one-month supply of CBD oil. Vaping CBD is much more affordable, which means you can save hundreds of dollars a year simply by vaping.

It’s easy and convenient: If you’re someone who is constantly traveling or is always on the go, then taking a bottle of CBD oil with you everywhere you go may not make sense. However, taking a small, compact vape pen with CBD-rich e-juice is both convenient and easy for you to do. By vaping, you can make sure you’re reaping the benefits of CBD oil no matter where you are.

It provides you with an experience: People who enjoy vaping do so because it provides them with an overall positive experience. Vaping isn’t just about getting a fix of nicotine, cannabis, or CBD. It’s about enjoying the entire experience, and vaping is the only way to consume CBD while enjoying the experience of vaping.

Where to Buy CBD E-Juice

CBD-rich e-liquid can be purchased online in most states and a quick search can find you numerous supplies if you want to try vaping CBD. If you live in one of the three states mentioned above, then there’s a good chance you can find CBD e-juice at your local cannabis shop.  Otherwise, you’ll have to stick to online retailers.

Final Thoughts

CBD has several health benefits and new research discovers more uses for CBD almost on a monthly basis. As CBD becomes available in more states, CBD-rich e-juice will become readily available for everyone to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Until then, we’ll have to stick to purchasing CBD e-juice online in order to experience the wonders of CBD through vaping.

How to Use CBD Oil

Now that you know the many health benefits of CBD, you’re probably interested in trying CBD for yourself. While CBD may still be technically illegal under federal law, many states in the U.S. have passed their own laws so that people can use CBD both medically and recreationally.

If you decide to try CBD for yourself, then you have several options on how you can use CBD oil. If you’re unaware of how you can use CBD, then perhaps one of these options will suit you:

In Edibles

Cannabis edibles have become one of the hottest things in the recreational cannabis world and some companies have taken what they’ve learned from that market and applied it to the CBD market.

In states like Colorado or Washington, you can find several local bakeshops and retail stores that offer CBD enriched edibles like brownies and cookies so that you can enjoy both the health benefits of CBD as well as enjoy a tasty treat.

If you’re not in the mood to buy pre-made edibles, you can actually make them yourself as well. The Internet has hundreds of recipes you can use to make your own CBD edibles if you so desire. Make sure to stick to the recipes though because baking with CBD oil can be tricky and going off book can completely mess up the edibles.

Via Vaping

Using a vaporizer, also known as “vaping” is a popular trend that has taken over cannabis. You can vape both regular nicotine cigarettes, cannabis, and even CBD as well.

Vaping uses a battery to heat up what is known as “e-liquid” or “e-juice.” This juice is then heated and converted into smoke and water vapor, which is inhaled. Some retailers have over 200 different flavors of vape juice containing CBD, so you should find several flavors that suit your tastes.

Vaping is still a growing movement, but it’s entirely possible that vaping CBD becomes the most popular way to consume CBD. Vaping is easy to do, more affordable than other options, and is perfect for on the go, so it very well could be the next big thing in the CBD world.

Consuming Orally via Supplements

Of course, if you want the simple and easy solution to take CBD, you can simply use purchase CBD supplements and consume them orally. This isn’t nearly as creative or as exciting as vaping or using edibles, but it will get the job done.

One thing to keep in mind is that oral supplements tend to be much more expensive than other forms of CBD. From our basic research, we’ve found that oral supplements can cost as much as $120 per month whereas vaping may only cost you around half of that.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t really matter how you use CBD because the body easily absorbs CBD. If you haven’t hopped on board the CBD train, now is the time to do it. CBD has dozens of benefits and we’re discovering new uses for this amazing compound each and every day.

The Health Benefits of CBD Oil

While almost everybody knows about the medical benefits of THC (the active psychoactive compound in cannabis), few people know about another compound found in cannabis that actually has dozens of medicinal benefits.

This compound is called cannabidiol, or CBD. New research suggests that CBD may have dozens of medicinal and recreational uses and over 17 states currently use CBD to treat a variety of medical conditions. So what is CBD and what are the health benefits of CBD?

What is CBD?

CBD is one of at least 85 active compounds found in cannabis. Medicinally, it often used in oil form since that is the easiest way to extract CBD from cannabis. CBD is not psychoactive in any way, which means it will not cause you to feel “high.”

CBD can be derived from either marijuana or industrial hemp, although some manufacturers of CBD specifically grow cannabis that is specifically grown with a high CBD content.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD has been a huge topic of debate over the past few years because of its’ apparent health benefits. CBD is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids, and several other types of phyto-chemicals that help support the overall health of the body.

There are many documented research studies regarding CBD oil, although some data is still very preliminary. However, from the data we do have, CBD may be a viable option to treat certain health conditions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Chronic Pain
  • Arthritis
  • PTSD
  • Stroke
  • Schizophrenia
  • Diabetes
  • Alcoholism

As of right now, CBD oil is used medically to treat children who suffer from epileptic seizures. Fourteen states in particular currently have CBD oil approved for this exact purpose and many states have upcoming bills that will further enable the use of CBD oil to treat children suffering from seizures.

Other research that was just recently published suggests that CBD might be able to suppress cancerous tumors. The study, conducted at the California Pacific Medical Center found that CBD could effectively suppress cancerous tumors in mice.

Although no human studies have currently been conducted for this purpose, researchers are hopeful that this study is the first step towards seeking for an alternative treatment for cancer.

Finally, there is a significant amount of data that shows that CBD oil has several antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on the body due to the dozens of phyto-chemicals found in CBD.

Does CBD Oil Really Work?

CBD oil is still a fairly new compound in the medical world and the science behind CBD is still very preliminary. It is estimated that up to 30 “fairly common” health conditions may be treated with CBD oil. Researchers are hopeful that government agencies will de-regulate cannabis to enable future CBD research.

From what we can tell, CBD is fairly effective to treat numerous conditions, and it is  most effective when used with THC. Since CBD oil inhibits the psychoactive effects of THC, researchers are hopeful the perfect ration of CBD to THC can be discovered to maximize the dozens of health benefits of CBD.

Final Thoughts

CBD is still technically available for purchase in the United States, although it is still labeled as a schedule I prohibited drug. Still, several supplement manufacturers sell CBD oil and claim to ship to all 50 states.

CBD may still be fairly new to the public, but interest in CBD is growing rapidly thanks to the dedicated research around the world. As cannabis regulations become more lax and more people have access to CBD, we will likely discover just how incredibly CBD can truly be and how beneficial CBD can be for the wellness of the human body.