CBD for Pets

Believe it or not, CBD for pets is proving to be an increasingly effective treatment for pet health. Helping to boost wellness, health, and overall panic and anxiety reduction in animals, CBD (or cannabidiol) is a natural way for pets to maintain good health in both mind and body. CBD reduces pain from joints, arthritis, and issues that are caused by the natural aging process. In addition, more vets are finding CBD to be a natural and healthy treatment for pets as well as humans.

CBD for Pets — The Main Benefits

Containing key components that help to control muscular spasms, skin conditions, appetite, seizures, pain, and even tumor growth, CBD helps to reduce anxiety and neurological dysfunction in pets. It is one of the few natural herbs that contains phytocannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids which bind to body cells and help decrease pain response. CBD actually behaves as an anti-inflammatory reagent, reducing the effects of common illnesses many pet breeds tend to develop.

The Effects of CBD for Pets

If your pet suffers from aggression, stress, digestive issues, organ problems, or cancer, CBD for pets can help. In addition, cats and dogs can benefit from CBD in reducing chronic pain, as well as by adding it to the diet. If your pet is currently taking prescription drugs to ward off pain effects, CBD can lower the dose of these drugs or eliminate them altogether, while still helping your pet to manage symptoms.

Marijuana vs. Hemp

Many pet owners get alarmed when they hear doctors recommending the use of CBD for pets, thinking that they’re recommending their dog take marijuana. But actually, CBD and marijuana are very different. They come from two different strains of the cannabis plant, with CBD coming from pure grade hemp which is much different and contains very little THC. THC is the component responsible for causing the high feeling that many people like about cannabis. As a consequence, CBD does not cause a high and will not give you psychoactive effects (or your pet).

Reduced Seizure Effects

Many pet breeds suffer from seizures which can become debilitating in dogs especially. Lead poisoning, encephalitis, or head trauma may be responsible for seizures, which are serious problems for a dog’s health. CBD will reduce the symptoms of seizures substantially, helping to boost health in breeds like beagles, shepherds, mastiffs, spaniels, retrievers, huskies, and others. Dogs are often given phenobarbital to deal with seizures, but this is a problem as it causes serious side effects. CBD for pets will reduce seizures in dogs and cats while still keeping them in prime health.

Pet Owners Discuss CBD Use

Many pet owners are finding that CBD in their pets is a promising treatment for major health issues. One dog owner had a husky who was having a hard time walking due to joint pain and arthritis. It was so bad that her pet actually couldn’t get up on the sofa without being in severe pain. After talking with her vet, she realized that CBD in the form of oil was a good choice. She began to give her pet CBD oil on a regular basis and found it effective in keeping her dog’s pain at bay.

Another pet owner who had a cat suffering from pain and arthritis decided to try CBD oil. Her cat quickly ingested the CBD through its food and found that over time, the pain she experienced was lessened. No longer does this pet owner have to worry about treating her pet with drugs; she can depend on CBD oil to do the job for her. She feels much better knowing her kitty can safely heal and recover from problematic issues caused by the aging process.


As a safe remedy for major issues that pets may develop over time, CBD oil is a great choice. It is 100% natural, safe, and effective, being available online through simple order forms and a number of stores now offering it. CBD is proven through scientific studies to be one of the best remedies for ongoing health issues as well as minor ones, and can be added to any pet’s diet to ensure proper health. Many pet owners will be glad to know that they can add CBD oil in a safe way to their pet’s regular food intake and allow for pain reduction and added wellness benefits.